UNITAS primarily advises on data protection, compliance, IT contracts and management and technical and organizational security.

We are a specialized, ambitious and experienced consultancy that strives to deliver at a high level to private and public clients.

Our customers are divided into different industries, including medical, finance, education, aviation, supply, production, distribution and logistics and marketing.

We also advise a wide range of IT service providers (data processors).

Several of our customers are present in more than one EU country. Some customers also have significant activities outside the EU.

We deliver our services in English as well as in Danish.

UNITAS also works as an external data protection consultant / DPO for several customers - not least for our public customers.

Our experience ranges widely. We are therefore accustomed to working within the framework of various more or less industry-specific compliance standards.

UNITAS collaborates with a large network of IT specialists. Once a customer has exhausted UNITAS 'competencies, UNITAS can always find the right person at the right time and place, so that the task is solved.

As experts, we prepare independent inspection reports.

During the practical implementation and operation of UNITAS, as a starting point, an IT tool is used to manage the organisation's compliance activities. However, we are not tied to a specific IT tool and are therefore happy to use the customer's existing IT tool.

When a customer uses UNITAS, the customer can be sure of reaching the goal and the level of compliance is maintained: UNITAS basically takes the initiative to initiate and complete the necessary compliance activities in the planned annual cycle.

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